Rechargeable batteries

Batteries today are divided into two types:


low maintenance batteries.

The first rechargeable batteries, as the name implies, do not need any maintenance, sometimes even there are no plugs, the second requires rare but necessary checking of the density and electrolyte levels. It all depends on what material the battery electrodes are made of. As a rule, they are made from lead with a slight admixture of antimony.

Types of maintenance free batteries

The maintenance-free battery is divided into two types:



Calcium batteries are the most expensive, electrodes are made of an alloy of calcium and lead with the addition of aluminum, tin, and sometimes of silver.

The hybrid battery is more primitive – only the negative electrodes contain potassium, and the positive plates are made of lead with a small portion of antimony.

The using of calcium significantly reduced the evaporation of electrolyte and increased battery life — calcium up to seven years, hybrid up to five years. Self-discharge compared with low-maintenance batteries slowed down by 1.5 times.

There are also problems: a long-lived calcium battery withstands a full discharge very poorly. And if it is completely discharged a couple of times, calcium sulfate is formed on the positive plates, as a result of which the car battery loses its capacity.

Therefore, calcium in hybrid batteries is used only in negative electrodes (they are not afraid of discharge). Hybrid batteries – they have a long service life, high capacity, the largest starting current and are not at all afraid of discharging.

Definitely no one will answer the question “which battery is the best”, any battery has positive and negative sides.

If you constantly use the machine, then maintenance-free calcium batteries are the best option – the greatest resource and with electrolyte level has no problems.

Well, if you rarely drive a car, the calcium battery will lose its strength very quickly. In this case, it is better to buy a hybrid battery – it does not require special attention, it carries a full discharge, is not afraid of prolonged inactivity.

An excellent option if you need a durable car battery will be low-maintenance batteries, this is the rare case when finances do not solve everything.

Now you can easily pick up a suitable battery for your car