5 most popular prescription drugs for 2019

Each new year FairPriceRx checks at the most common and popular prescription drug prescriptions and provides facts of generic and brand drugs.

Moreover, predictions for the year 2019 are also done but lets understand some few important details concerning generic drugs.

Generic meaning in drugs.

Generics is just replicas of medication brands which have the same power,dangers,effects and side effects,means of administration,needed use and dosage.

Effectiveness of generic drugs.

Generic drugs has been known to nurse many diseases .For instance the generic drug used to cure diabetes is known as metformin. So, with this capability portrayed by generic medications causes them to be quite efficient.Moreover you need to be very cautious while using generic drugs since there are high chances of being subjected to some side effects if you doesn’t use prescriptions as it is required.

It’s very vital that you must follow guidelines given by the medical doctor.

Generic vs brand drugs

Even with the same dosage,uses,dangers and side effects,there are still differences in generic and brand drugs.

For example,brand drug names starts with capital letters but for generic drugs it is not true.

Also, generics for nursing hypertension is known as metoprolol while brand name is called lopressor.

Most popular RX in 2019

With that basic understanding let’s check at the most popular prescription drugs for 2019


Atorvastatin, also called lipitor is quite competent in treating hypercholesterolemia. It aids in nursing diseases like diabetes,stroke and heart diseases. With such high range of usage it depicts that the medication will certainly be of high need.


This prescription medication best treats hypothyroidism. Levothyroxine has gained FDA compliance thus will highly be used. This will make it more popular.


This is a painkiller which is commonly used by most patients with pain. This will also be highly needed.


This deals with high blood pressure and is also recommended by WHO list of necessary medicines. This will thus make it more popular.


It lowers high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. These diseases still infect many people thus will be much needed.

To wind -up,2019 will also have its own popular drug prescription. These prescription drugs will aid in knowing the health disorders that mostly occur. This will help in proper planning treatment for common diseases.